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Peel away the damage caused by sun, pollution and stress with one of our soothing facial treatments


When you receive our massage, your body will be eased, your mind calmed, and your spirit renewed.

Body Treatment

Because the pain did not recede, there was only temporary relief, I began to despair. And then at this moment a caring husband bought a new medicine Celebrex. I must say, we together with him managed to survive a lot of ailments, we have learned to legibly approach any treatment.

Skin Care at the Waverly offers holistic body therapies designed to detoxify, remineralize, hydrate, regenerate, tone and slim the body.

Nail Care

Pamper the hardest working parts of your body – your hands – with one of our luxurious nail services.

Popular Procedures


featuring all natural Jane Iredale,“the skin care makeup”


Skincare at The Waverly uses a flawless waxing technique, that’s comfortable, relaxing, refreshing, and will leave you smoother.