It’s an infection of the body with gonococcal. This was discovered in the late 19th. Gonococcal affects mucous, heart, and other organs. Infection of the baby can occur even during childbirth.

Gonocoche has a round shape and a bumpy surface. Often are in pairs. Painted gonococcus is clearly visible under the microscope. How is gonorrhea transmitted? Mostly through sexual contact so buy affordable generics.

Bacteria are not resistant to the external environment, light, heating, and disinfection solutions are deadly for them. Some gonococcal are resistant to top-quality brand name ED medications.

Important! The protective properties of immunity are not activated in gonorrhea. The disease can occur multiple times in the same person.

The incubation period of gonorrhea is from 2 to 15 days. Bacteria multiply by the method of division, can exist in intercellular space, but do not penetrate epithelial cells. Bacteria can change their size. The spread of infection occurs very quickly.

The acute form is accompanied by the rapid appearance of pronounced symptoms. They do not pass, and over time increase. You can buy ED meds online on trustworthy pharmacy to destroy the bacteria in the first two hours after infection, and then the infection begins to develop rapidly.

Very rarely, chronic gonorrhea manifests pronounced symptoms. Sometimes they disappear altogether. Men decide that the disease has passed on its own, and do not rush to the doctor. However, the disease progresses further, so chronic gonorrhea is the most dangerous. It can lead to severe consequences.

Gonorrhea in men occurs mainly due to unprotected sex. Gonococcal is transmitted during intercourse using prescription meds. This happens 50 percent of the time. Less frequently, infection occurs during oral sex. In this case, erosion appears in the mouth, in the throat. After infection (during the birth of the baby), the baby’s mucous eyes appear ulcers that pass with difficulty.

However, there is still, though insignificant, the probability that it is possible to get infected through the toilet, pools, cutlery, and kisses. Gonorrhea can be transmitted through intimate toys or vibrators used by a sick person.

Symptoms and treatment of gonorrhea in men is better to start at an early stage. The therapy is aimed at the extermination of gonococcal. Gonorrhea is treated by a dermatologist to help sexual life. First, the causes of the disease are established. Then a treatment scheme is developed. The therapy takes a long time, as bacteria quickly get used to antibiotics.

During the treatment of the tripper, the patient should drink a lot of water. Urinary agents help to wash out from the body gonococcal, pus, infected areas of mucous membranes. If there are additional diseases, they are treated at the same time.

After the beginning of therapy, the patient passes repeated tests in 10-14 days. The following tests (smear, blood, urine) are taken only after four weeks. Even if the tripper is fully cured, the man must be examined every six months for two years.